Show Dad Some Lincoln Love This Father’s Day

Want in on a secret? Amazing gifts for Dad don’t require a trip to the mall or online order from afar. This year, give Dad a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures that are made and sold in his own backyard. For The Pit Boss Pops If there’s a guy in your life who is happiest…
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Old World Style, New World Attitude – Burgundy in the Benchlands

Rediscovering Classic Wine Styles in Lincoln Old World wines are made in countries like France, Italy or Germany. They tend to be restrained and lighter-bodied. Winemakers in these countries follow techniques that have been used for centuries. New World wines come from countries like the United States, Canada and Australia. They tend to be fuller…
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Cocktail Hopping, Lincoln’s Emerging Cocktail Culture

You know all about Niagara’s award-winning, world-class wineries, but did you know the region also has an emerging cocktail culture? In addition to the classic hotspots where you can enjoy a drink, local wineries, cider houses and distilleries provide the perfect ingredient shopping list to help you craft your own creative, delicious cocktails at home.…
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Unlocking Lincoln

Prepare For Some Fun Surprises As You Explore Another Side of Niagara’s Past Any Canadian history textbook can tell you about the events of Niagara’s past, but there’s a much better way to bring those stories to life! Bypass the books and get a true sense of Niagara’s rich past and the colourful cast of…
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